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Set Up Android Device for Xamarin Android Development

There are two different options of debugging the xamarin forms and xamarin android application.
  1.           Debugging through Real Mobile Device
  2.           Debugging with Emulator.

Therefore, it is up to you which approach you chose for your android app development. If you chose the android emulator most commonly VisualStudio Emulator for Android then most probably you do not need to set up the developer account because by default it is already there. However if we are talking about real physical device like tablets, mobiles etc. then you have to manually set up the android developer account on you devices.
There are millions of android devices available in the market and it does not matter which android device you have the only thing you need to know is that you have to turn-on your android device developer option. You have to adopt the following steps to turn on the android developer option.
To make it available, go to Settings > About phone, and tap the Build number item seven times to expose the Developer Options tab:


Once the Developer Options tab is available under Settings > System, open it to expose developer settings:

This is the place to enable developer options such as USB debugging and stay awake mode.


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